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Sunday's Promo # 1

2nd Biggest Career Play Ever
- SAVE $65 - 

Bob Valentino - Winning Day # 47 of 69 (and 15 of 23)

$10 bettors up $27,240 the past 68 Days

Football Winner # 32 of 46

13th Ever
150 DIME 
NFL Play of his Career

NFC Championship Lock - Packers vs 49ers

150 Dime Winner # 20 of 24 Overall

Matches these recent 150 Dime Winners

Green Bay (-4) over Seattle last Sunday - 12th Ever in the NFL 
Miami of Ohio covering vs UL Lafayette on Jan. 6
Tennessee (+4') outright over NE on Jan. 4 - 10th Ever in the NFL
Cincinnati over Boston College on Jan. 2
Alabama over Michigan on Jan. 1
Kentucky outright over Virginia Tech on Dec. 31
Louisville outright over Mississippi State on Dec. 30
San Francisco over Seattle on Dec. 29 - 9th Ever in the NFL 
Clemson over Ohio State on Dec. 28
Kansas City over Chicago on Dec. 22 - 8th Ever in the NFL 
LA Rams covering vs San Francisco on Dec. 21 - 7th Ever in the NFL
Pittsburgh over Arizona on December 8 - 6th Ever in the NFL 
Clemson over Virginia on December 7
Green Bay over NY Giants on December 1 - 5th Ever in the NFL
Clemson over South Carolina on November 30
Buffalo over Denver on November 24 - 3rd Ever in the NFL
Kansas City over LA Chargers on November 18 - 3rd Ever in the NFL
New Orleans over Tampa Bay on November 17 - 2nd Ever in the NFL 
Florida over Missouri on November 16

- all of which you also got for Over Half Price Off - 

BIGGER than Saturday's 100 Dime Winner # 3 in a Row 
on VCU (-9) over St. Bonaventure by 28

BIGGER than Friday's 60 Dime Winner
on St. Louis covering against Dayton

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Sunday's Promo # 2

Save $27 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package

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Sunday's Promo # 3

Teaser Action
- SAVE $77 - 

Sean Michaels

NFL Teaser Winner # 5 of 6

Kansas City - Tennessee / Green Bay - San Francisco

71-43 Teaser Roll
in All Sports Combined

Matches NFL Teaser Winner # 4 of 5 last Sunday
Kansas City over Houston / Green Bay over Seattle

Matches NFL Teaser Winner # 3 of 4 on December 29
Kansas City over LA Chargers/ LA Rams over Arizona

131-97-6 NFL Roll

Matches his 50 Dime National Championship Winner on LSU

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That Means You his Teaser - AGAIN - for Only $22

Sunday's Promo # 4

Rare Max Wager Release
- SAVE $60 -

Chuck O'Brien

6th Ever 
100 DIME 
NFL Release of his Career

Chiefs - Titans

Matches the 8th Ever 100 Dimer of his Career in College Hoops
on Gonzaga outright at Arizona on 12/14

31-18 roll with Top-Rated 100 Dime
MLB Locks and this play is just as strong

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Sunday's Promo # 5

Early Blank Check Release
- SAVE $75 -

Matt Rivers

Very First
College Basketball Play of the Season

Rutgers vs Minnesota - Tips at 1:00 Eastern

Matches the 1st NBA Blank-Checker of the Season
Clippers (+2) over the Lakers 111-106 on Christmas Day -

Matches the 35th Ever College Football Blank-Checker of his Career
LSU (-14) over Oklahoma 63-28 in the Peach Bowl on Dec. 28-

Matches the 34th Ever College Football Blank-Checker of his Career
LSU (-7) over Georgia 37-10 in the SEC Title game Dec. 7 -

You also got all of those Blank-Checkers for Over Half Price Off

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