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Dec. 7 - 60 Dime Belmont won

Dec. 6 - 100 Dime Patriots won

Dec. 5 - 40 Dime Over Chargers-Bengals won

Dec. 4 - 200 Dime UL Lafayette won

Dec. 3 - 100 Dime Utah won

Dec. 2 - 100 Dime Cowboys won

Dec. 1 - 40 Dime Evansville won

Nov. 30 - 100 Dime Minnesota (CBB) loss

Nov. 29 - 20 Dime Teaser Football Team/Under won
Nov. 28 - 60 Dime Dolphins won

Nov. 27 - 60 Dime Over Western Kentucky-Marshall loss

Nov. 26 - 60 Dime Air Force won

Nov. 25 - 200 Dime Cowboys loss

Nov. 24 - 50 Dime UC San Diego loss

Nov. 23 - 100 Dime Gonzaga (CBB) won

Nov. 22 - 60 Dime Bulls loss

Nov. 21 - 100 Dime Eagles won

Nov. 20 - 100 Dime Texas Tech (CFB) loss

Nov. 19 - 40 Dime Over La Tech-Southern Miss won

Nov. 18 - 30 Dime Wyoming won

Nov. 17 - 30 Dime UCLA won

Nov. 16 - 60 Dime George Washington loss

Nov. 15 - 20 Dime Navy loss

Nov. 14 - 150 Dime Cardinals loss

Nov. 13 - 60 Dime Florida State won

Nov. 12 - 60 Dime Boise State loss

Nov. 11 - 100 Dime Baltimore loss

Nov. 10 - 100 Dime Central Michigan (CFB) won

Nov. 9 - 100 Dime Miami Ohio won

Nov. 8 - 40 Dime Over Steelers-Bears won

Nov. 7 - 40 Dime Vikings won

Nov. 6 - 100 Dime Temple (CFB) loss

Nov. 5 - 50 Dime Raptors loss

Nov. 4 - 50 Dime 76ers won

Nov. 3 - 50 Dime Western Michigan loss

Nov. 2 - 100 Dime Miami Ohio (CFB) loss

Nov. 1 - 100 Dime Chiefs First Half loss

Oct. 31 - 150 Dime Cowboys won

Oct. 30 - 100 Dime Syracuse (CFB) won

Oct. 29 - 50 Dime Nuggets won

Oct. 28 - 20 Dime Teaser Cardinals/Over loss

Oct. 27 - 60 Dime Under Braves/Astros loss

Oct. 26 - 60 Dime Over Braves/Astros push

Oct. 25 - 20 Dime Teaser Seahawks/Under won

Oct. 24 - 40 Dime Cardinals won

Oct. 23 - 200 Dime Texas Tech loss

Oct. 22 - 50 Dime Bulls won

Oct. 21 - 20 Dime Teaser Broncos/Under won

Oct. 20 - 100 Dime Coastal Carolina (-120) (CFB) loss

Oct. 19 - 100 Dime Red Sox (-125) loss

Oct. 18 - 100 Dime Titans won

Oct. 17 - 150 Dime Cowboys won

Oct. 16 - 150 Dime Baylor won

Oct. 15 - 100 Dime Syracuse won

Oct. 14 - 100 Dime Eagles won

Oct. 12 - 100 Dime Dodgers Run Line (+135) won

Oct. 11 - 50 Dime Ravens loss

Oct. 10 - 100 Dime Titans won

Oct. 9 - 150 Dime Texas loss

Oct. 8 - 100 Dime Charlotte won

Oct. 7 - 40 Dime Under Rams-Seahawks won

Oct. 4 - 40 Dime Chargers won

Oct. 3 - 150 Dime Ravens won

Oct. 2 - 100 Dime Michigan State won

Oct. 1 - 60 Dime BYU won

Sept. 30 - 60 Dime Virginia won

Sept. 29 - 100 Dime Pirates (-105) loss

Sept. 28 - 100 Dime Orioles (+225) won

Sept. 27 - 100 Dime Cowboys won

Sept. 26 - 100 Dime Broncos won

Sept. 25 - 60 Dime Baylor won

Sept. 24 - 60 Dime Twins won

Sept. 23 - 20 Dime 7-point Teaser Panthers and Over won

Sept. 22 - 60 Dime Twins won

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Gus Augustine's Rating System

My best bet is a 50K round-robin, quadruple, gazillion, bet your life's savings lock.

Are you f@%king kidding me?

This is really simple:

A 100-Dime play is my normal Max Wager.

That's the cream of the crop.

A 50-Dime play is worth 1/2 as much.

A 25-Dimer is worth 1/4 as much.

Now a rating system is only as good as your bankroll allocation, or money-management skills.

If you have a $100 to play today, and I have a 100 Dime play, then you should bet all $100 on it.

If I have a 50 Dimer, then you should wager just $50.

Let's take it a step further and talk about how you allocate your bankroll over the course of a week:

If you have $500 to wager for a week, then you divide by 7 days and that gives you around $70 (rounding down) as a daily max wager. So in this case, a 100 Dimer is worth $70 with a 50 Dimer being a $35 investment. 

What happens if I win?

You can either pocket the profit or add to the pot, increasing the wager size.

What happens if I lose?

Your max wager remains the same initial $70 because you did the math and spread your bankroll across those 7 days to start the betting week. 

Who Is Gus Augustine?

I would bet that I've been doing this longer than most of you have been gambling.

I turned 60 in 2020 and I've been a professional sports bettor and handicapper since I was 25-years-old.

How this business has changed over the years. Back in the day, I can remember turning on my TV Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching all these 800-number telephone touts pitching games with their endless "Absolutely Free" come-ons. Then it was the local 976-numbers, where guys were selling picks for as little as $3.00. That gave way to the 900-number craze where suddenly the same plays were being sold for up to $99 because phone companies were taking a cut of the pie. And then Al DeMarco, who I didn't know at the time, came along and created the online internet industry back in the late 1990's. 

I've made my money over the years as an investor and my cultivating a group of players that has grown through referrals and my reputation. Guys drop out, naturally, whether they're winning or losing because that's the nature of the beast. But I made a nice living over the years because I did this every single day; I wasn't one of these bums who took a vacation after the Super Bowl or took the summer off after March Madness was over. 

I love three things in life: my wife, any kind of pasta (much to the chagrin of my waistline) and making money. I tell anyone the first love I earned, the second I can buy and the third I've got to work my ass off for. But they're all worth it, and the payoff at end is what makes it all worthwhile.   

Complimentary NFL Winner

Dallas at WASHINGTON (49)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is an NFC East battle that has the exact storyline many of us thought it would carry, with the lone exception for me that I believed the Washington Football Team would be in first place and the Dallas Cowboys would be chasing a wild-card spot.

Roles reversed, we still have an epic division rivalry that will center around Washington's suddenly improved defense, and Dallas having to match that physicality with hopes of avoiding an upset.

Washington hasn't just reeled off four straight wins, it's beaten Tampa Bay, Carolina, Seattle and Las Vegas. Now, the middle two, I admit are less impressive. But the Football Team held the defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers to 19 points. Sunday they just limited the Raiders to one fourth-quarter TD, and was brilliant defensively on third down.

Dallas isn't going to just stroll into D.C. and waltz through this defense. Over six-game split since their bye week, the Cowboys have been held to 20 or less in three of those games - two of them on the road. Truth is, they might be facing the best defense they've seen during the second half of the season.

Dallas has a good enough defense to slow Taylor Heinicke and company, as we saw in the Cowboys limit the Vikings, Chiefs and Saints to an average of 17.3 points per game over their last three on the road.

Look for a tight battle, and a very physical, low-scoring game. Play Dallas and Washington Under.

5♦ UNDER Dallas-Washington
Based on 1♦ to 5♦