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  • Monday, Sept. 25: 100 Dime Mariners (-125) loser
  • Sunday, Sept. 24: 75 Dime Bills winner
  • Saturday, Sept. 23: 50 Dime Massachusetts loser
  • Friday, Sept. 22: 100 Dime Purdue loser
  • Thursday, Sept. 21: 100 Dime 49ers winner
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20: 25 Dime Diamondbacks winner
  • Tuesday, Sept. 19: 25 Dime Orioles (+120) winner
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Roger Quinn's Rating System

Don't know why so many handicappers make this so difficult with their 250,000♦ releases or their Double-Platinum Locks.

What is a Double-Platinum Lock anyway? Is that twice as strong as a Double-Gold play? 

I like the KISS system.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

In the old days of gambling, both bettors and bookies alike talked about dimes. Now it's a great term to refer to unit of measure.

My baseline play would be a 100-Dime Max Wager. That's the creme de la creme release.

It would be TWICE as strong as a 50-Dime play.

You can figure out the rest on your own.

Who is Roger Quinn?

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. You've undoubtedly heard about it. There are so many misconceptions. 
  • It's not smarter than humans. 
  • It will not take over the world. 
  • Paul McCartney is not using it to recreate John Lennon's voice.
Oh, and it will NOT pick winners so don't fall for handicappers and gambling sites claiming their use of A.I. is producing 87% winners. LOL
But I do take advantage of it. 

Fact is, I've found A.I. enhances my speed, precision and effectiveness when handicapping games, as I've used its techniques to identify which data should be applied in certain situations, and which data should be considered fraudulent and irrelevant.
Handicapping is based on research and accumulation of facts and knowledge. The speed in which you first acquire it, and then analyze it, is crucial.

For instance, A.I. has made it much quicker to analyze specific positions that matter with specific football teams, depending on the right data and statistical categories. Like when to apply a quarterback rating for one team's offense, or the sack percentage from a particular defensive front on another team

Can the garden variety handicapper do the same? Sure, but reading a stat page doesn't define a lot when there are underlying circumstances and logic behind specific numbers that outweigh others.

All this data I've found helpful is now so quickly sourced from connected websites and informational databases to forecast outcomes quicker than any pregame preview you're going to find on the Internet.
I've been a professional handicapper since 2015. Began small, operating my own personal sports service. This is the first time my daily plays have been made available at a commercial website.
No long, meandering dissertations; my analysis is short and sweet, bolstered by my knack for tapping into A.I. resources to gather the quickest and most efficient information in sports betting.
Hawai'i at UNLV (-10')


If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

The UNLV Rebels are one of a handful teams that are 4-0 ATS this season, and for three straight weeks I've given them to you for free. Let's make it four in a row, as the Rebels return from El Paso at 3-1 and ready to take a huge step by opening Mountain West Conference play 1-0.

The Rebels have opened the season with one of the more proficient rushing games, averaging 190.8 yards per game, not to mention one of the highest-scoring offenses with 34.0 points per game.

And that includes the 35-7 loss at Michigan.

The Rebels now own wins over SEC's Vanderbilt and the Conference USA's UTEP.

The intangible I like most about this team is special teams, as UNLV boasts one of the most dangerous kick return units in the nation, ranking fourth with 31.5 yards per return. It's helped put the Rebels in good field position, and when they're in the Red Zone, they have the 13th-most efficient offense witha  94.4% conversion rate.

Hawai'i is 2-3, including a 35-28 loss to the same Vandy team that UNLV beat two weeks ago. And the problem is the Warriors don't have near as explosive an offense as the Rebels.

Look for UNLV to roll past Hawai'i on Saturday, and inch closer to a bowl berth.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦
Las Vegas at L.A. CHARGERS (47')


My free winner for Sunday is the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers to go over the posted number.

If there are two coaches on the hot seat through the first three weeks of the season, it's Las Vegas' Josh McDaniels and Los Angeles' Brandon Staley.

Both made bone-headed decisions last week which I don't even want to revisit, but they're certainly catching heat for them. The Raiders lost and the Chargers were able to pull out the win.

But now in Los Angeles' first division game of the season, I like its chances to improve to 2-2 and keep pace at just one game back of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Raiders' defense remains a work in progress, and with this one being on the road, I can surely see Los Angeles moving the ball up and down the field efficiently.

The Chargers' defense has been atrocious, allowing 87 points in the team's first three games. We've yet to see the best from Las Vegas' playmakers on offense, and can see them breaking out in this game.

How it ends is one thing, so I won't try to predict the result. But I do think we're going to see a high-scoring game that will land well past 50.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦