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  • Feb. 23: 30 Dime Wizards - Winner
  • Feb. 22: 40 Dime USC - Loser
  • Feb. 21: 40 Dime Lakers Winner
  • Feb. 20: 100 Dime Grizzlies - Loser
  • Feb. 19: 30 Dime Virginia - Winner
  • Feb. 18: 60 Dime Penn State - Loser
  • Feb. 17: 60 Dime Iowa St-Kansas - Loser
  • Feb. 16: 60 Dime Oregon - Winner
  • Feb. 15: 60 Dime Pacific - Winner
  • Feb. 14: 30 Dime Over Marist-Fairfield - Loser
  • Feb. 13: 40 Dime Pelicans - Loser
  • Feb. 12: 40 Dime Mercer - Winner
  • Feb. 11: 100 Dime Clippers - Loser
  • Feb. 10: 100 Dime Bucks - Winner
  • Feb. 9: 40 Dime Manhattan - Winner
  • Feb. 8: 50 Dime Under Gonzaga-Saint Mary's - Loser
  • Feb. 7: 80 Dime Grizzlies - Loser
  • Feb. 6: 100 Dime Bucks - Winner
  • Feb. 5: 30 Dime Over Pacers-Raptors - Winner
  • Feb. 4: 30 Dime Rockets - Winner
  • Feb. 3: 60 Dime 76ers - Loser
  • Feb. 2: 40 Dme Chiefs - Winner
  • Feb. 1: 200 Dime Washington State - Loser
  • Jan. 31: 60 Dime Raptors - Winner
  • Jan. 30: 100 Dime Wizards - Winner
  • Jan. 29: 100 Dime Grizzlies - Winner
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Then came 2008 and the recession.

Business tanked with the economy.

It finally started to rebound around 2013, but it's never going to be the same.

To make ends meet, I took a job as a ghost-writer for a online tip-sheet, proving my daily sports picks for their publications starting in 2010. You probably read my stuff because it was posted on a zillion sites designed to attract gamblers so they'd sign up for offshore sportsbook accounts.

I loved doing it and without it I don't know how I would have survived those lean years in the real estate biz.

I like to write and minored in English in college. I majored in business and "dabbled" in gambling as well.

I gave up my ghost-writing job in December. This will be the 1st time my picks are going to be available anywhere with my name on them.

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My free winner: Colorado State at SAN DIEGO STATE (-13')

# # #

Fresh off having their dreams of an undefeated run into the dance, the San Diego State Aztecs will be fired up for this game against the Colorado State Rams.

Nobody in the San Diego city limits thought the UNLV Runnin' Rebels would go into Viejas and steal an outright win. But what's done is done, and now that the first loss is out of the way it's time to move forward.

I don't have any other way to put it other than bounce back, as the Aztecs will want this game more than any other.

Colorado State, which was competitive to start the season, has alternated losses and wins the last four times on the court. The last loss was a road thumping by 24 at UNLV. Now the Rams have to go to San Diego, where the Aztecs give up 57.7 points per game.

And make note, the Rams allow 72.3 points per game and 72.7 on the road, and 73.2 over their last five.

I don't have much more than that, because it's not necessary.

A pissed off San Diego State team might score 100 tonight. Lay the chalk.

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