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Winner # 8 of 10

Pirates - Diamondbacks
9:40 eastern

MATCHING my 600♦ Super Bowl Winner
 Bengals-Rams Under


Aug. 8 1500♦ Mariners (+100) loss

Aug. 7 2000♦ Dodgers won

Aug. 6 500♦ Athletics (+175) loss

Aug. 5: 500♦ Tigers (+170) loss

Aug. 4: 600♦ Under Mets-Braves loss

Aug. 3: 800♦ Braves (-140) loss

Aug. 2: 600♦ Over Tigers-Twins (+105) loss

Aug. 1: 600♦ Under Red Sox-Astros (+105) won

July 31: 1000♦ Mariners (+115) loss

July 30: 600♦ Over Brewers-Red Sox won

July 29: 600♦ Over Athletics-White Sox won

July 28: 600♦ Under Astros-Mariners won

July 27: 800♦ Diamondbacks won

July 26: 3000♦ Royals (-120) loss

July 25: 1000♦ Diamondbacks (+115) won

July 24: 600♦ Over Brewers-Rockies won

July 23: 600♦ Over Angels-Braves won

July 22: 600♦ Over Cubs-Phillies won

July 21: 1000♦ Giants (+110) loss 

July 17: 1000♦ Mariners won

July 16: 300♦ Rockies won

July 15: 300♦ Rockies won

Pro Football Championship Winner # 14 of 17

600♦ Title Game
Winner # 4 in a Row

Cincinnati-Los Angeles stays Under by 5 1/2

MATCHING my 600♦ Title Game Winner # 3 in a Row in 2021
Tampa Bay (+3) 31-9 OUTRIGHT in Kansas City

MATCHING my 600♦ Title Game Moneyline Lock in 2020,
Kansas City (-125) 31-20 over San Francisco

MATCHING my 600♦ Title Game Total Lock in 2019
Rams-Patriots stayed Under by 40 Points

Here is what I had to say about the Bengals-Rams TOTAL in 56:

The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will stay under the posted number.

My only wish is I could've released this play two weeks ago, when the lines came out. I have tickets on the Under since it was 50, and have been betting it down to the current number. I still think it has value, as both defenses are the real stars for the offensive units we're talking about.

When you think about the comebacks the Rams have had to make, the tight games they've had to play, and the games they've escaped this season, it's been because of that defense.

The Rams, who have stayed under in 28 of 38 when installed as the favorite dating back, are going to bring pressure onto young Joe Burrow, there's no denying that. He is crafty enough to make things happen, but he'll need the first half to structure properly and engage his offense for the second half.

Los Angeles, which has stayed low in 6 of 8 on turf, will also be under pressure from the Bengals' ferocious front line, and you'll likely see Matthew Stafford defer to his rushing game early on. It wouldn't surprise me to see both teams' first score be a field goal (hint for a prop) and the first quarter to stay low, too (another hint for another prop).

Cincinnati, which has stayed low in seven consecutive playoff games, after frustrating the heck out of the Las Vegas Raiders, stifling the Tennessee Titans, and dominating the second half against the Kansas City Chiefs. While people are picking apart those playoff wins, they fail to mention they play football for 60 minutes for a reason.

Cincinnati, which has stayed under in four straight, has held the opposition to 21 or less in seven of its last 11 games. And the Bengals, who are on an under run of 5-1 when catching points, ranked 17th in allowing 22.1 points per game. Sitting just above them in 16th? The Rams, who allowed 21.9 ppg.

This one is about the overshadowed, not-being-talked-about defensive units that will keep this one under.


Documented 14-3 Roll with TOP-RATED releases in the BIG GAME

SIDES 5-1 ... TOTALS 8-2 ... TEASER 1-0

Blank Checks (1-0) ... 3000♦ (1-0) ... 2000♦ (0-3)
1000♦ (4-0) ... 600♦ (5-0) ... 500♦ (2-0) ... 400♦ (1-0)
  • 2006 ... WIN: Blank Check Steelers-Seahawks Under 47
  • 2007 ... WIN3000♦ Bears-Colts Under 47
  • 2008 ... WIN1000♦ Giants +12' vs. Patriots
  • 2009 ... WIN1000♦ Cardinals +6' vs. Steelers
  • 2010 ... WIN600♦ Saints-Colts Under 56'
  • 2011 ... LOSS2000♦ Packers-Steelers Under 45
  • 2012 ... WIN1000♦ Giants-Patriots Under 53'
  • 2013 ... WIN400♦ Ravens-49ers Over 48
  • 2014 ... LOSS2000♦ Broncos-Seahawks Under 47'
  • 2015 ... WIN500♦ Teaser Seahawks and Under vs. Patriots
  • 2016 ... WIN500♦ Broncos-Panthers Under 44
  • 2017 ... WIN1000♦ Patriots -3 vs. Falcons
  • 2018 ... LOSS2000♦ Patriots -4' vs. Eagles
  • 2019 ... WIN600♦ Patriots-Rams Under 55'
  • 2020 ... WIN600♦ Chiefs Moneyline -125 vs. 49ers
  • 2021 ... WIN600♦ Buccaneers +3 vs. Chiefs
  • 2022 ... WIN: 600♦ Bengals-Rams Under 48'
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Winner # 8 of 10

Pirates - Diamondbacks
9:40 eastern

600♦ Super Bowl Winner
 Bengals-Rams Under
Sunday I hit an ultra-rare 2000♦ Release on the Dodgers in a 4-0 win over San Diego.

Monday I lost my 1500♦ play on the Mariners.

Tonight I get back on track with a 600♦ underdog winner.

I'm either laying the run line with Arizona (+125) or I'm on the moneyline with the Pirates (+135). 

This is the best play on the card.

Winner # 8 of 10

Pirates - Diamondbacks
9:40 eastern

MATCHING my 600♦ Super Bowl Winner
 Bengals-Rams Under

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Chris Jordan's Rating System


Everyone should be on the same page for each new campaign and how to approach each season.


You first must understand the Kelly Criterion, sometimes referred to as the Kelly formula; it's a blueprint I like to use to maximize the long-term growth rate of our bankroll, using repeated gambles of the variety of ratings I give out.


That criterion says an aggressive gambler should wager a set percentage of his bankroll, pertaining to the advantage (or rating system in this case) he feels he has over the game itself.


For those of you who play blackjack when visiting casinos, you may do the same thing in determining there is a one percent advantage over the dealer, and wager 1 percent of the total bankroll.


The key thing to remember is determining the percentage your using, and the maximum you'd be willing to risk on the top rating you will find here, which is the 1,000♦ Power Play.

On a daily basis you will find my plays ranging from from 100♦ and 1,000♦, but well within percentages you can effectively spread your wagers. When you do see the rating system on plays upgraded to a higher level, I will always talk about managing the bankroll accordingly.


Remember, a 1,000♦ play does not indicate a specific amount for everyone in general, it means if you're absolute biggest play you're willing to make is a nickel - that is your gauge with this rating system.


You need only divide accordingly from your absolute maximum amount into whatever the rating is, based on 1,000♦ being the highest rating.

Overall, you will find that I like to keep it consistent day-to-day so you know exactly when I'm stepping out on a big play.


Please follow these ratings accordingly.




The occasional 2,000♦, 3,000♦ or BLANK CHECK releases are games I feel are extreme value for the price, or in Kelly Criterion theory - is more of an advantage over the book.


I have always personally played a Blank Check game FIVE TIMES THE SIZE of my regular maximum bet. So, for example, on day I am releasing a Blank Check Winner, one 1,000♦ play and three 200♦ picks, a player with a maximum wager of $500 would wager the following:


Blank Check play - $2,500


1,000♦ Plays - $500


200♦ Plays - $100 each


With the vig, you would have a total of $3,630 in action.


Hope this helps in regards to money management!

Complimentary Pro Football Winner

Tennessee at BALTIMORE (-3')

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If there is one thing the Baltimore Ravens are good at, it's preseason football. Led by the win-first mentality of coach John Harbaugh, the Ravens are an incredible 20-0 in the preseason since 2016. I don't see the run ending in this one.

The Tennessee Titans aren't looking to glorify anything this preseason, and will be focused on their depth much more than worrying about winning a preseason opener on the road.

The Titans have predicated their success with a stringent defensive front, and to continue doing so they'll need to audition their 3s and 4s, rather than trot out their starters right now.

I know Lamar Jackson isn't playing in this one, along with a host of others. But the Titans plan on sitting on their offensive star, Derrick Henry.

Under Harbaugh, the Ravens boast a 40-12 preseason record, and I'll bank on them to dominate in what could be a very boring start to the preseason.

Buy the half point down as long as the line is between -3 and -4 1/2.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦