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Winner # 26 of 37, (and 20 of 28)

Mountain West Total of the Year

UNLV-Fresno State - Over/Under

Matches Tuesday's 60 Dime Winner
Astros-Yankees Under the Total

Matches Sunday's 60 Dime Winner
Steelers-Chargers Under the Total

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10/17 - 100 Dime - Stanford (-130) - Loss
10/16 - 75 Dime - South Alabama - Loss
10/15 - 60 Dime - Astros-Yankees Under - Win
10/14 - 75 Dime - Packers (-130) - Loss
10/13 - 60 Dime - Steelers-Chargers Under - Win
10/12 - 75 Dime - Louisville - Win

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Winner # 26 of 37, (and 20 of 28)

Mountain West Total of the Year

UNLV-Fresno State - Over/Under

Matches Tuesday's 60 Dime Winner
Astros-Yankees Under the Total

Matches Sunday's 60 Dime Winner
Steelers-Chargers Under the Total

Went against Chip Kelly last night, and he shoved it up my rear. I knew Stanford was short-handed, but I counted on the week off and David Shaw's coaching chops to figure away to win that game as I thought UCLA would implode as they usually do.


Licking my wounds today, but ready to head into the weekend with a winner.

My totals have been deadly lately and will be again tonight.

Winner # 26 of 37, (and 20 of 28)

Mountain West Total of the Year

UNLV-Fresno State - Over/Under

All about finding the best money-making opportunity on the schedule, and today that money-making opp comes in the form of a total.

Rebels and Bulldogs and here is your winning Over/Under release.

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Today's Complimentary Selection

Friday night home dogs are usually my go-to, but in this case this Friday night home dog will turn out to be just a dog!

Syracuse dropped a 16-10 decision at N.C. State their last time on field, and the final score sure was not indicative of just how out of the game the Orange felt while I was watching. The Orange could only muster 341 yards of offense, and the offensive line got bullied all night giving up 8 sacks on quarterback Tommy DeVito. They also were flagged for 12 penalties in the loss.

To further compound issues for the Orange, they have now allowed 26 sacks on the season, and will be up against a Panthers defense that has solid numbers (Top 10) in pass efficiency for the season.

Pitt last played on the 5th of this month, and they showed me a little something by out-pointing an offensive Duke team, 33-30. In that game, QB Kenny Pickett led the Panthers to a last minute touchdown with a 26-yard completion with only 38 seconds remaining. It marked the third straight 4th quarter rally for the Panthers for the win.

Pickett could well have another big night, as the Syracuse secondary is in the 100's when it comes to yards allowed, so no issue here laying a few points with the Panthers against this Syracuse team that they have won 12 of the last 14 series meetings against straight up, and have covered 8 of the last 10 series meetings. Included is a 44-37 overtime win in last year's meeting in which Pitt made a 45 yard field goal with 8 seconds to go for the tie, and then scored in the first overtime on a 3 yard run for the win. Looks to me like the 'Cuse is a little "snake bit" when it comes to battling Pittsburgh.

Until I see concrete evidence that Syracuse can protect the quarterback and also refrain from drawing silly penalties, I will play against them - even on their home field.

Rested Panthers to pounce on the Orange tonight.

(On a 1♦ to 5♦ basis)