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Rating System

I use a weighted scale - ranging from 10 dimes to 100 dimes - to rate my releases.


It's simple and it tells you exactly how much I like one play versus another. 


Obviously a 50 dime play is twice as strong as a 25 dime play; five times stronger than a 10 dime release.

Now the key is basing the size of your bet on the percentage of your total bankroll available to be wagered on any given day.


So let's say you've got $100 to bet on Sunday in the NFL and I've got a 40 Dime play on the side and a 10 Dime release on a total. That's 50 dimes of action on the table versus $100 to invest. That means you've got $2 per dime to play ($100 divided by 50 dimes). So, you would wager $80 on my side selection and $20 on the total.

If I had to sum up my strategy in one sentence it would be this: I'm always trying to spot bad numbers and the worse the number - as in the bigger discrepancy between what I think it should be and what it actually is in Vegas - the bigger the play.

Who is Eric Schroeder?

My Dad took a job in Henderson, Nevada - a suburb of Las Vegas that's a 15-minute drive from the Strip - when I was in 9th grade. I don't think I was in school two weeks before a friend asked if I wanted to spend a $1 playing a football pool.

I was hooked.

You grow up out here, immersed in the gambling culture of Vegas, and you can't help to become "addicted" in one form or another. 

When you're in high school you watch a game and you know the spread. It's just the way it is. 

Throughout high school and college I listened to sports radio and one tout after another bragging about their "big games" available "absolutely free" every weekend. Always thought I could do better so while I was in college I started selling my picks online at a small site with two other friends. 

We didn't get rich (far from it), but for two years we had a ton of fun and made a nice little business for ourselves. One of the guys here at this site, Sean Michaels, saw our site and that led to an invitation to dinner to meet CEO Steve Budin, who eventually offered me an opportunity to join.