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The dime rating system is so simple and easy to understand in terms of money-management. Look, my plays are rated on a 10 dime to 100 dime scale. A 20 dimer is twice as strong as a 10 dimer; a 30 dimer is three times as strong, etc., etc.


As for my ratings' strategy, the key for me is spotting bad numbers. The worse the number - as in the bigger discrepancy between what I think it should be and what it actually is in Vegas - the bigger the play.


Understand this: I am an opportunist. Whether I'm up or down, when I see an opportunity to make big money, I go for it. And if I'm on a roll, I'm pushing my chips into the middle of the table and taking a shot for a bigger payoff.

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Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Handicappers who claim to win all the time.
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I'm a winner. I win consistently over the long term, but that does NOT mean I win every day and any handicapper who claims to do so is bullshitting you.
And when I'm winning I'm all in, pressing the action, going for the jugular.
I'm a no-nonsense guy who doesn't play games — other than those I'm betting. No excuses here; I never deal in "what ifs." When I'm wrong, I'll own it, 1000%. And then I move on, erasing the loss from my memory because tomorrow is another day, another chance to make money. That's the type of mentality you need to not only survive, but thrive as a gambler and a handicapper. And that mindset has carried me from the time I made my first bet in 1995 to selling picks to customers initially 2006. 
This is the ONLY place you will find my picks. I have no phone service, no other source of providing them to the public. So many guys in this industry sell multiple picks at multiple price points at multiple sites, plus have other plays via their phone rooms. Not me. This is it. One play a day. One best bet. 
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Complimentary Winner - COLLEGE BASKETBALL

Colorado State (+13') at SAN DIEGO STATE

Terrible call with Monday’s complimentary selection on Oklahoma State, which ended a three-game free-play winning streak. Let’s see if we can get back on track Tuesday, as we return to the college hardwood and grab the points with Colorado State at San Diego State.


Tough spot for the host Aztecs, who are coming off their first defeat of the season, Saturday's stunning 66-63 setback to UNLV as a 14-point home favorite. Being the last unbeaten to fall—and the fact it happened so late in the season—makes SDSU vulnerable to the proverbial letdown. That is, I'd be shocked if the Aztecs—who were looking to make history by becoming the first Mountain West Conference team to make it through the season undefeated—took the court tonight mentally ready to go. 


Let's not forget these are mostly 18- to 22-year-olds, and young men in that age range tend to struggle to process disappointment and tend to need more than 72 hours to get over shocking results. Usually, when a college hoops team suffers the kind of a stunning defeat the Aztecs suffered against UNLV, the lack of focus in the next game tends to show itself on the defensive end of the court. 


Of course, the Aztecs' defense ranks among the best in the country, but if there is any kind of letdown, Colorado State has the firepower to take advantage of it. Going back to a 114-104 triple-overtime victory at Tulsa back on Dec. 21, the Rams have scored at least 72 points in 13 of 16 games. And even if you include an 80-56 loss at UNLV exactly a week ago, Colorado State is averaging 77.6 points in its last seven contests, going 5-2 along the way. In fact, since consecutive Mountain West losses to San Diego State (home) and Boise State (road) in early December, the Rams are 13-4.


Will CSU add to that victory total tonight? Unlikely, as I think the Aztecs will wake up from their slumber in the second half and pick up the win. They just won't win by enough to cover this big margin. Grab the points.


(On a 1♦ to 5♦ basis)