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Can't live without it if you expect to make money - and keep the profit in your pocket rather than a bookmakers.

My top-rated release is a 100 Dimer.

That's a MAX wager release.

You're going to find a lot of 25, 50 and 75 Dimers because those 100 Dimers just don't fall off trees. But those smaller-rated releases are the low-hanging fruit just waiting to be plucked so we can build a bankroll that will be grow when the 100 Dimers come along.

Who is Mathew Parker?

Let me give it to you straight-up:  

If your looking to be sold up the river, there are plenty of 25-year old "hot shot" wannabee handicappers that will sell you the dream. 


For me it's all about age, wisdom, experience and discipline. 

Seen it all, done it all and already know what doesn't work and I refuse to play that game.

Turning 60 in March of 2016, was more then a milestone for me as it marked 10 years since I rebounded from a serious health crisis and a decade since I had officially been supporting myself via sports gambling.

When I turned 40, I sold my landscaping business and moved to Reno, Nevada with my life savings. Hell bent on using my brains rather then my hands to create wealth and happiness, I turned to a familiar source of income, sports betting, something I had been doing since I was a senior in high school.

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