NFL Winner # 17 of 26

50 Dime
Winner # 14 of 21
- and 3rd straight! -

Divisional Playoff NFC
Total of the Year

Loser - Seattle-Atlanta Under

Matches Tuesday's 50 Dime Winner
Hawks-Nets Under the Total
- The Charity Play of the Week -

Matches Monday's 50 Dime Winner
Clemson-Alabama Over the Total


Saturday, 1/14

50 Dime - Seahawks/Falcons Under - Loss

Friday, 1/13

60 Dime - Cavaliers - Win

Thursday, 1/12

60 Dime - Utah Utes - Win

Wednesday, 1/11

60 Dime - Louisville - Loss 

Tuesday, 1/10

50 Dime - Atlanta-Brooklyn Under - Win

Monday, 1/9

50 Dime - Clemson-Alabama Over - Win

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Brett Atkins' Rating System

It's funny how the word "dime" has taken on a whole new meaning in gambler-speak. Back in the days when I was moving money in Vegas, the word "dime" meant $1000, as in you were putting two dimes or $2,000 on the Bulls.


The word dime itself differentiated the high roller from the little fishes when it came to knowing who-was-who in sports-wagering circles.


Times have changed, however, because now you rarely hear anyone talking about moving a dime on a game. The Internet, thanks to the advent of online betting, is responsible for the change as the average online wager is around $14 to $16.


Today, the word "dime" is more often used to signify how games are rated. A lot of handicappers use the dime rating system and I'm one of them, just like Al DeMarco, Anthony Redd, Sean Michaels, Brad Wilton and others at this site.


The dime rating system is so simple and easy to understand in terms of money-management. 

My plays are rated on a 10 dime to 100 dime scale.

A 20 dimer is twice as strong as a 10 dimer; a 30 dimer is three times as strong, etc., etc.


Just remember that no money-management system is foolproof; you've got to have a bankroll allocation system for yourself. What I mean is, if I've got 40 dimes of action today, you've got to know how much of your bankroll for the day or week you're going to put down on that 40 dimes of action.


Here's a simple way of looking at it: If you have $200 you're willing to wager today, and I have 40 dimes of action - a 25 dimer plus a 10 dimer and 5 dimer - you should take that $200 and divide it by 40. That will give you a per dime unit cost of $5.


My 25 dime play will now be worth a $125 investment. The 10 dimer is worth $50; the 5 dimer another $25. Do the math and you get $200, your total original investment.


Now that's a good example of maximum bankroll allocation for a single day's action. Let's say instead you have $700 to wager in a week. In that case, you would want to divide the $700 by seven days, leaving you with $100 to bet per day.


Understand this: I am an opportunist. Whether I'm up or down, when I see an opportunity to make big money, I go for it.

Who is Brett Atkins?

Shortly after graduating from college I moved to Vegas at the age of 21 ready to make a name for myself in the hotel and hospitality industry. Funny how things worked out. Instead I ended up spending 10 years moving money for the sharpest sports bettors in the country. These guys didn’t have opinions, they had computers doing analytics and a software system created to beat the odds. They were what lay folk would call "betting syndicates."
Did they beat the odds? They had some good runs, but nothing I would write home about. Their mystique and mythology was more than the sum of their parts I discovered. 
How did I make money? That was easy. I sometimes bet against the guys I was moving money for. I simply held the action that I felt was going to lose, pocketing the profits rather then turning what I thought were losing bets into the sportsbooks.

Did I win all the time? Of course not. But I won more often than not and I had the balls to take the action, literally betting on myself because I was that confident in my own opinion and my ability to beat the number and ultimately their bad bets.

Vegas has changed. The entire betting industry has changed. But the one constant you can take to the bank is this: 

The key to handicapping games is isolating bad lines.

When I spotted them while working all those years for those guys in Vegas, I held their action and made my money. Now when I spot them I not only play them, but I release them here on the site.
Nothing is foolproof. Sometimes a bad number turns out to be good. It's the nature of the beast. It's why they call it gambling in the first place. But, more often than not, the strategy pays off if you're patient and disciplined.

I was here - briefly - once before in 2013. It wasn't for me at the time because doing a website full-time while running my other businesses was too much. But I'm through with everything else This is now my full-time gig. I'm made the commitment and let's see if I can make us money together. 

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